Chile (Mexican Salsa)

Don’t buy pre-packaged salsas! Make your own at home!

My family has been making this every week ever since I can remember. We call it Chile, not salsa, because “salsa” just means “sauce” in Spanish….Bechamel sauce? “Salsa de bechamel.” Tomato Sauce? “Salsa de tomate.” Chocolate Sauce? “Salsa de Chocolate”….you get the picture. If we don’t have chile in the fridge, its pure panic. We immediately run off to the store (or to our garden in the summer) and stock up on serrano chiles, anaheim chiles, tomatoes, and garlic. It’s great with tortilla chips, tacos (Thanksgiving leftovers? Make TURKEY TACOS!), tostadas, burritos, grilled chicken, spanish rice, eggs, ….anything really. Plus it’s SO easy and lasts about a week in the refrigerator (though I doubt that they’ll be any left by then). My college roommates used to plow through a batch within 24 hours. Oh yeah, it’s that good.

Chile (Mexican Salsa) 

2 large tomatoes

3 or 4 garlic cloves

3-7 serrano chile peppers (depending on your spicy preferences and the heat of the chiles…some are hotter than others)

1 anaheim chile

1-2 jalapeño chiles

a large pinch of salt

a large handful of fresh cilantro


Heat up a cast iron comal on high heat (if you don’t have a comal, use a large cast iron pan or a griddle). Cut off the stems of all the chile peppers and remove the husk off of the garlic cloves. Place all ingredients on the comal, turning all ingredients every few minutes until blistered and charred. Remove from comal,and place in a blender. Add cliantro and blend until thick and slightly chunky/almost smooth.

Remember, you can swap out these chiles for other ones. I recently discovered that Sante Fe Chile Peppers are absolutely delicious in salsas, but this recipe is just my family’s go-to. And we literally make a new batch every 5-7 days. (The chile/salsa is good for up to a week!)
You can find comals at Mexican specialty stores for less than $5.00. What’s a comal? It’s a tortilla warmer. You place your tortillas on it, they warm up and get lovely brown spots that give the tortillas some texture. It’s definitely worth investing. Because microwaved tortillas are gross. And its how you get tortillas the way they’re meant to be…and make chile.

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